The Science Behind Good Mood Foods

The Science Behind Good Mood Foods

How Food Can Improve Your Mood podcast from ZOE

Can what we eat really impact our moods?

One thing we know at Moodify Food is that the right foods can boost your mood so we’ve made it easy, with our Instant Oatmeals. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this pod-cast from ZOE Science & Nutrition. They are the world’s top scientists focused on health, nutrition and gut health. In this podcast, Johnathan Wolf interviews Felice Jacka, Professor of Nutritional Psychiatry & Director of the Food Mood Center at Deakin University.

The Food & Mood Centre at Deakin University is a world-leading, multi-disciplinary research center that aims to understand the complex ways in which what we eat influences our brain, mood, and mental health.

What you learn will Change your MInd, or at the very least give you something to chew on.